Thursday, July 6, 2017

my everyday style: little white dress!

If you follow me on Instagram and watched my stories there over the weekend last weekend you know that my kiddos were at camp for the long weekend.  My husband and I originally thought we might plan a romantic getaway that weekend while they were gone, but as it got closer a nice relaxing 'staycation' seemed like the absolute perfect way to spend the weekend.  We bopped around our favorite beaches and beach towns, brunched and indulged at our favorite bakery and got in a few naps too.  It was really such an amazing break from parenting.

I chatted there about how exhausting parenting is - even though my kids are older I still find myself utterly exhausted at the end (or middle) of every day and a lot of you agreed.  It tends to be a taboo part about motherhood.  Sure there are the funny memes about all the wine we want to drink and the bliss of a trip to Target on our own, but we often don't talk about wanting to sneak a nap mid day for fear of sounding lazy or like we aren't as "strong" as those other bad-a$$ moms we know that seem to do our job so much better than we do. Let me tell you, I am tired about 24/7. I'm constantly trying to make sure I am staying healthy and making good decisions to combat it, but there is the plain fact that parenting is tiring.  End of story.

Any way, all that to say that why make getting dressed a slog too? I love easy options like a white dress with a denim jacket and sandals.  Total no-brainer.  Perfect with kids or husbands - or both- in tow. ;)  This dress is from last summer and no longer available, but I found some super cute and easy white dresses and linked to them below. You can also see me wearing the same dress while I was vacationing in Puerto Rico earlier this year.  Happy shopping! And napping (if you are the lucky few)!

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